We don’t talk about it enough on here, but art and the artists who make it are a huge inspiration behind what we do and who we are. So, when POW! WOW! Long Beach invited us to be a part of their week-long, citywide event this month we jumped at the opportunity.

4 Reasons Our Skin Loves Sleep

Our esthetician Dana goes into the hype behind sleep and why getting enough of it is so important for the health (and happiness) of our skin.

Girls Rule

The energy was at an all-time high in Oceanside this weekend during the 14th annual Super Girl Surf Pro—the only community event of its kind.

Free The Radicals

Most of us never thought we’d have to use the words “atom” and “electron” in a sentence again, but here we are.

Our Skin Care Moisturizers: Mineral vs. Non-Mineral

You might be wondering why we have two different sunscreen moisturizers in our skin care line. Well, our esthetician Dana Murray helps us figure out which daily sunscreen moisturizer might be best for your skin.

The Good Stuff

To us, taking care of your skin means using products that leave out the harsh stuff you don't want (like parabens and sulfates) and include as much of “the good stuff” as possible.

5 Tips for a Better Cleanse

Remembering to wash your face seems like a no-brainer, right?

Daytime vs. Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Our esthetician Dana gives us the scoop on why our skin needs different things at different times of the day.

What's Your Skin Type?

Dana (our go-to skin expert) is going to cover some of the most common skin types and offer up a few suggestions for how we can be taking care of what we got.

Surf Hair, Don't Care

Not gonna lie, we love what a little saltwater and sunshine can do to our hair. It reminds us of long summer days spent surfing and hanging out with our friends.

Smooth Your Kisser

To help whip our kissers into shape, we put together a homemade lip scrub with some of things we had in our kitchen. Check out the recipe below.

10 Years of Bum Rush Tour

Back in the day, we didn’t have the cash to sponsor a bunch of pro surfers to compete in a legit contest decked out with shiny trophies and fancy champagne.

Respect Your Mother (Earth)

When we first decided to create our skin care line it was super important to us to make products that we knew would not only be good for us, but would also be as kind as possible on our planet.

Summer Essentials (For Our Skin)

Don’t worry, we’ve got a few hot tips for giving our skin the extra love it needs to stay stoked during our fav time of year.

Say Hello to Andy Davis

Working with Andy to bring Sun Bum Skin Care to life has been an incredible experience and a total dream come true for us. We caught up with him in his in-house studio at our HQ in Encinitas to hear a bit more about him and the story behind his designs.

Simple Skin Care Routine for Healthy Skin: Steps & Products

Here’s what we know; we love the beach, we love the sun, and we try to take extra good care of our skin. Those are some of our simple truths. And we like keepin’ things simple.