Dom Edizioni USA

DOM Edizioni, style and character


When even furniture has a soul to it, the design is its vital breath. Complying with this axiom, Domenico Mula “sees” by drawing. With a few strokes, he materializes ideas (be it objects or whole fittings) having already the perception of the finished result…

The creative talent of Domenico Mula is matched with a scrupulous object study, even beginning from the historical origins of the worldwide design, with archive researches that bring new lymph to the ideational and production process.

Dom Edizioni

A design bridge between the past and the modern. The product range is inspired by the styles of the past, yet it is presented according to contemporary materials and lines. This is an area of taste inspired by periods such as the Victorian era, Biedermeier, the Empire; recently developed, this project revisits some art déco references and the Italian modernism of the Thirties, Forties, and Fifties. With more than a hundred years of history to back it, the concept of classic-contemporary continues to be a success now, more than ever before.

Dom Edizioni USA

The valorization of the skill and knowledge of the craftsmen Dom Edizioni works with, is an essential element of the company, and it is also accomplished by checking every manufacturing step with extreme accuracy. An essential element is that all parts are 100% made in Italy, that means an object conceived and made in Italy, by Italian hands, which are used to think according to a very high quality standard. “A chair, a table, are of course the outcome of design, but it is all the same sure and important that the craftsman, in the manufacturing stages, gives his own contribution.

Dom Edizioni USA
Dom Edizioni USA

The Dom Edizioni collections always create elegant dwellings, that are impeccably stylish and sober, as well as being capable of having a strong impact and personality. The ability to make any setting special derives from the meticulous attention to detail and the impeccable craftsmanship of the finishes, but above all from the sensitivity which joins these various inspirations harmoniously and with measure.


Immerse yourself in the dreamlike atmosphere created by our exclusive handcrafted creations where elegance and refinement blend together in a unique and timeless style. The classic, contemporary and modern collections, are three different and extraordinary visions offering a varied home design range while maintaining the unique and recognizable style that has made quality its main value. Dom Edizioni does exactly this, and brings enchantment to your place.

Dom Edizioni USA

DOM Edizioni, launched in 2006, creates luxury furniture for homes, yachts and luxurious hotels. Made in Italy.


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