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Dominique Kieffer Fabrics

Essential and sophisticated as every collection of the Kieffer brand. Original for its modern classicism.

Dynamic, because it is able to combine the female element and the masculine element. Pure and romantic in its color versions that invariably refer to natural elements and materials.

The Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli Collection comes out from two world meeting. The magic of Rubelli, built on a savoir faire that has its roots from the past, and the colorful eclectic and unconventional style of Dominique Kieffer, later interpreted by Paola Navone.
These two worlds often sought each other out and came together in the past.
The collection offer a nomadic and imaginative result, inspired by a world without boundaries. Smooth and shiny fabrics like sheets of metal, or raw and slightly shabby. Ultra soft linen, full-bodied and textured tweed, soft and quilted cotton.
Drawn-thread linen where a pulled thread creates patterns never seen before.
Imperfection becomes creative and ironic concessions to decoration.
A palette of soft shades contaminated with colors full of energy.
It occurs that streaks of orange, fuchsia and fluo yellow appear unexpectedly in the weaves of fabric with a traditional soul. There is also the temptation to mix petroleum blue, grey blue, orange, turquoise, teal fabrics and to imagine a special and creative palette of weaves and colors.

Available at our showroom by the yard, the Dominique Kieffer upholstery collection can be used on any of our furniture collections on catalog or on soft furnishing projects such as bedspreads, pillows, wallcoverings, outdoor cushions, and window treatments.



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